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Privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how LongLiveLove uses and safeguards the information acquired from our customers.

LongLiveLove is committed to protecting customer privacy. We only gather, save and use personal information for specific reasons. Broadly speaking, such information is used chiefly to improve our ability to serve the customer.

To this end, the examples of stationery used to publicise LongLiveLove only feature fabricated customer details and not the names and contact details of genuine customers.

Our privacy policy may be amended at any time without notice, but this page will be updated accordingly. 

Acquiring customer information 


We collect the following customer information: names; postal addresses; email addresses; contact numbers; order details.

Using customer information 


The information we accrue from customer orders or through any form of correspondence is used to facilitate and enhance our services and the way in which those services are personalised. 


We pledge to use customer information solely for:

1. Service partners, who supply us with goods and services required to fulfil our customer orders

2. The planning and management of our business, enabling us to evaluate customer purchase history, the effectiveness of our marketing, and the relative demand for various products and services 

3. The technical administration of our website

4. The verification of a customer's payment details

Retention of data 


LongLiveLove employs the personal information of a customer only for the time needed to fulfil an order and for reasons described in this Privacy Policy. However, some data may need to be retained for a period no longer than four years. This is principally to comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements, to help resolve any potential dispute and to enforce transaction agreements. 

Customer rights 


Customers residing in certain territories, including the EU, are granted certain rights relating to their personal information. Some of these rights apply generally, while others apply solely in limited circumstances, as described below.


Access: a customer has the right to contact LongLiveLove and request a copy of the personal information we hold on them.  

Amend, restrict, delete: a customer has the right to amend their personal information or restrict our use of it. They may also request its deletion, which we will happily comply with unless obliged to retain it for legal reasons. 

Object: a customer has the right to object to LongLiveLove processing their personal information for legitimate business purposes, or to receiving any marketing communication from us, even if they have previously consented to it. In such instances, the customer's personal information will be deleted unless there are compelling and justifiable grounds for its retention, or due to statutory or legal requirements. 

Complain: a customer has the right to contact their local data protection authority to express concern about our use of their personal information, with no prejudice to other rights they may have.

Contacting LongLiveLove 


LongLiveLove is subject to EU data protection law during the transition period of the UK's withdrawal from the EU, and to UK data protection law thereafter. For the purposes of such law, I, Rebecca Malone, am the data controller of my customers' personal information. 

If you have an enquiry or a concern, you should contact me at or write to me at LongLiveLove, 14 George Lane, South Woodford, London E18 1LW.

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